A 3 Day Trip to the Maasai Mara National Reserve - 3 Days


The Mara experience was simply out of this world. There is no English adjective that would capture the experience in totality; awesome comes closest to describe how the tour was. It all started on Tuesday, we were all warmed up for the two days ahead and we were looking forward in earnest for a great Mara Experience. We were a group of 10 adults and three children.

The first good sign was the punctuality of the Thornbird Tours’ drivers and good condition of their vehicles. They were polite and professional. The drive in itself was something to behold. We had a stop at the great rift escarpments, the view at this place magical! The mountain crest of Mt Longonot seemed touchable.
Our next stop was at Narok Town for lunch. The food was delicious with an African Touch, one plate was never enough as usual in such trips! ????

We arrived at our camp Lenchada Camp-late that evening. The welcome was great, their tents gives one a feel of home away from home. We couldn’t allow the day to break without having an evening drive through the Mara. Within the first hour we had come across the King of the Jungle-Lion, a herd of Buffalos and thousands upon thousands of wild beasts. It was a good teaser, we couldn’t wait for day Two.
The following day we left the camp early in the morning. This time around, our destination was the Mara River where the actual action takes place – The Great Wild beast Migration.

Thornbird drivers are very familiar with the terrains, they knew where to find which animal. We are proud to say in one day we managed to see the big 4 out of the big 5 and many species of birds.
We finally arrived at banks of Mara River in the afternoon after having our packed lunch. The wild beasts were in their great number, the hippos and crocodiles lined themselves in the waters ready for a feast. It was simply breathtaking, you could sense tension in the air. It was a matter of do or die!

What happened next? You have to see it for yourself. It’s just indescribable. Thinking of a tour? Think of Thornbird Tours because they are amazing. We keep memories of the experience.

Here are some comments from some of the people who went on this amazing trip.

“Grace, we truly appreciate. We enjoyed all the way. We couldn’t have done this without you”, Esther Kabue.
“Thank you so very much.The service was over and above our expectations. May this be the beginning of many more”, Beatrice.
“I had a great tour, Powerful interactions and great coordination. Thanks a million times Grace!”, Peter.

In conclusion, here is a word from the CEO of Thornbird tours, Mr. Machua Kahochio.

“When i look unto the hills….. i see the glory of God”
First is to thank our lord for making this Mara trip happen.
The process and the culmination of it has displayed a wonderful spirit that you all possess.
May the experience bring more of God into all of us.

“Thornbird Tours” wishes to thank this pillar for allowing us not only to serve you but allowing us to witness the process. We hope to travel far and wide together with you for a “superlative experience”

Be our ambassadors!

Thank you very much.

Hope you enjoyed what others had to say and you wish to visit there or other destinations. Contact us for more information.

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